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The promotion tent from Intersport is a 4.5x3 m folding gazebo. It is printed all over in white and blue. Various sport icons can be seen on the roof. The salesman shows the customer the bicycle.
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75 years Zingerle Group, save 75 %!

Starting now, you can enjoy a 75% discount on your personalised, printed folding gazebo!* Customise the roof and sidewalls with a unique design, stand out, and save money! Which of our 3 printing techniques you'll choose, doesn't matter.

It's straightforward and quick:

  • Configure your folding gazebo.
  • Select the desired printing method.
  • Confirm the configuration and send us your enquiry.
  • A team member will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps.
  • To work on the design, we will provide you with all the necessary documents: You'll receive the folding gazebo's draft in both 2D and 3D, allowing you to examine closely even the smallest details and get a very realistic idea of how your folding gazebo will look.

Your contact person will be in direct communication with our in-house graphics department, ensuring a swift processing of your order. In no time, you'll be admiring your very own folding gazebo up close!

Offer valid until 31st October 2023. For orders with printing costs starting at £ 500 per folding gazebo, series E3 gazebos excluded.

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Our professionals will handle all the details! However, if you'd like a quick overview, here are the key points concisely presented.

White 3x3m event gazebo customised with Stevens bikes logo at bicycle sporting event with black half-height side walls with counter
Many tents, indistinguishable from each other

Screen Printing

If you would like to print the same motif more than once on one or several gazebos, then the screen printing is the right choice for you. 


With screen printing, simply designed lettering and logos with clear lines are transferred to a screen printing frame using modern and carefree chemical processes. These motifs are then applied to the textile of your choice with the so-called screen printing squeegee. It is a extremely careful process, which guarantees the production of individual pop up gazebos with your print motif in the highest quality.

The promotion tent from Intersport is a 4.5x3 m folding gazebo. It is printed all over in white and blue. Various sport icons can be seen on the roof. The salesman shows the customer the bicycle.
The blue and white event tent serves as a supply station for a marathon. 2 runners are passing the event tent.
The market tent is fully printed and is used at the weekly market and farmers' market. 2 customers look at the products.
Photos and graphics in the highest quality

Full-surface sublimation printing

With this great printing process, you can have the roof and the side panels of your pop up gazebo printed with photo-realistic motifs. The sublimation print is scratch-resistant and the colours are vivid and intense. It is the perfect technique to customise your pop up gazebo and to turn it into something truly unique!


With sublimation printing, your design is printed on a white fabric and thanks to a special process, the ink deeply penetrates the fabric. This gives your pop up gazebo an exceptional look and you can be sure that the print will last and withstand any adventure.

The black exhibition and promotion tent from Jack Wofskin is a 3x3 m folding gazebo with 3 closed side walls. The logo is yellow and the folding gazebo stands in front of the exhibition centre.
Logos and Lettering

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing is the perfect way to bring your pop up gazebo to life with lettering and logos.


And this is how it works: Your favourite motif is printed on a foil and then carefully cut out. Your personal design is then printed onto the fabric of the pop up gazebo with millimetre precision using a heat press. The result? High quality that will make you stand out from the crowd! This printing process is suitable for every type and colour of our textiles.



Contrary to folding gazebos with ordinary colours, printed gazebos stand out. Is that your goal? Excellent, our many customisation options will help you attract attention!

Moreover, you can proudly display your logo to the world with peace of mind. Why? Because we have the ECO Passport for the ink we use. The real advantage is that you don't have to compromise on anything. Like all our folding gazebos, also your printed gazebo is waterproof, fire-resistant, and sturdy - and it simply looks better.

With us, there's no need for crossed fingers; we get the printing right from the start.


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Your discount is waiting for you

Now, let's get to the best part - the discount you can get.

Firstly, we all know that each customisation is unique, so the discount is calculated individually and there are no fixed rates.

However, to give you a rough idea of the discount you can get, we've prepared some examples here:









2 closed walls


£ 405 



2 closed walls


£ 500



2 closed walls


£ 610


You'll discuss the final discount with your expert before proceeding with the graphic implementation.


Just one more click 👇🏼: Express your message and show it to your guests and customers.

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