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Ecotent catches on

The sunrays illuminate the red brick building near the Dutch border on this cold winter day. On the paved yard, two aesthetically designed folding tents are awaiting the visitor crowd.

Living diversity at the Gymnasium Nordhorn

Judging from the outside appearance, the building seems to be rather inconspicuous, however – hidden on the inside, you can discover an unprecedented degree of cultural diversity. At the Gymnasium Nordhorn – amongst others, awarded as European School – terms like respect and openness to other cultures are not only empty words but daily practice!

Open doors and open minds

This openness could be experienced this winter – the school opened its doors and let future pupils, their parents and all other interested persons take a look behind the scenes. A versatile offer of information and a well-planned supporting programme ensured a successful event.

Of course, the guests were well catered – anyone who wanted to have a snack found a nice and comfy place underneath the Ecotent folding tents, printed with the school logo, which were combined to one unit thanks to the handy joining elements.

The event’s key element

With these printed tents, the school did not only win a mobile event pavilion but also an eye-catching advertising medium that earned praise and enthusiasm from everywhere:

„[…] we now finally have a core for our event […] [and] are all very content. Even the parents approached us because of the pavilions.“ S. Vrielmann

We are sure that the school community will have many successful events with this new acquisition and we hope that there will always be open doors for the future pupils of the Gymnasium Nordhorn.



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