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The race to victory

The team that found its winning pop up gazebo in Ecotent.

The story of Becker Racing

In the fast-paced and competitive arena of motorsports, a pop up gazebo may not make the difference between victory and defeat but it can make the difference between being noticed or not and in the speed of setting up your spot.

Imagine an ambitious team with dreams of glory but obstacles that seem insurmountable. This is the story of Becker, the team that found its way to success partly thanks to the Ecotent pop up gazebo.

The race begins with a dream and a problem

All the drivers in this young team have had a passion for racing since childhood. They were raw talent with an infinite desire to win, but there was one problem: the team lacked a reliable shelter. Motorsports events can be unpredictable, with changing weather conditions testing the resolve of every driver. Becker Racing needed a shelter that could protect its team and bikes from any adverse weather conditions. Initially, it seemed impossible to find a solution that was user-friendly, mobile and easy to transport while also sturdy, durable and weatherproof.


A pop up gazebo that makes the difference

Finally, Becker Racing found Ecotent products. This was not merely a purchase but an investment that would change their experience of racing. Ecotent gazebos proved to be the perfect travelling companion, ready to use in just two minutes, enabling the team to focus entirely on competing.

Ecotent gazebos are much more than a roof and walls: they are a safe haven for the Becker Racing bikes, the entire team of riders and mechanics and their dreams of victory. Thanks to their modular construction system, they can be easily expanded to create a larger covered area, becoming a mobile pit and workshop perfect for any emergency. There’s no need to worry about weather or preparation since the tent frame of these gazebos is extremely stable and durable, their textile is fully waterproof and fire retardant and their user-friendliness is unmatched. Lest we forget their extreme ease of transportation, thanks to their small size when closed and their aluminium frame which has all the stability of iron at only a third of the weight!

Among the many contests, the gazebos also attended the second leg of the ADAC MX Masters in southeastern Schleswig-Holstein, where they were used as a mobile briefing centre and an area for the riders. In addition, thanks to promotional printing by Ecotent's expert graphic designers, the team stood out from the other participants, who often had anonymous or low-quality gazebos that bent in the first wind or broke during set-up.

Ready for each battle

Motorsport gazebo

Fast, even off the racetrack. Motorsport gazebos are trusty partners for race teams and clubs. Ready to use in just two minutes, they’re a must-have on the circuit. Stable, versatile and durable. Their potential uses are varied and individual. Our race tents are distinguished by European quality and excellent value for money. With them on your team, you’ll be in pole position from the word ‘go’.

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Being seen and recognised

The Ecotent gazebo was not only functional but also a branding opportunity. Thanks to precision thermal transfer printing, all the logos of the team and its various sponsors were printed on the black background of the gazebo, which stood out like a beacon at the heart of the races, meaning that the team attracted attention due not only to its skilled driving but also to the professionalism and quality of its gazebo. After using the gazebo for extended periods through endless days in the sun and rain, the printing is still like new!

With Ecotent, Becker Racing is ready for any challenge and determined to win. Its young drivers have achieved high scores in all categories and distinguished themselves with their excellent performance and indomitable fighting spirit. In the future, the team looks set to win numerous victories and visit many more tracks with sturdy Ecotent pop up gazebos!


A bright new start for the team

The story of Becker Racing is a testament to how the Ecotent pop up gazebo can transform not only motor racing but also the lives of people who dream big dreams. A professional gazebo that is user-friendly, strong, durable and eye-catching and certainly not to be underestimated, ensuring absolute user-friendliness and stability every time, leaving the team free to focus on the race. In addition, its small size when closed makes it easy to transport along with the rest of the motorcycle gear.

If, like the Becker Racing team, you have a passion for racing and dreams of glory, know that Ecotent could be your partner on the road to success. Don't let this opportunity pass you by and race to the top with Ecotent at your side. Your next win could be just around the corner.

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