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Wedding tent

The perfect gazebo for a beautiful and hitch-free outdoor wedding.

The bride and groom are radiant, surrounded by a stunning outdoor location and loved ones ready to celebrate. Outdoor weddings can be so romantic. In a flowery meadow, on the beach, in the forest, in a garden or surrounded by mountain peaks: outdoor weddings have a unique charm, and the key to their success is good planning. The most important thing is to be prepared for any weather conditions! This is why wedding tents are always popular with top wedding planners and wedding couples.

Ecotent® waterproof pop up gazebos have already shown their best side many times at weddings and receptions. User-friendly, safe and reliable. Embellished with elegant decorative curtains and draped ceilings. Perfect for the Big Day and for safeguarding many magical moments.


Elegant wedding tent set-up with decorative curtains

Are you wondering how to turn an ordinary pop up gazebo into the perfect wedding venue? The answer lies come to our elegant decorative draped curtains and sophisticated embroidered covering. These touches will give your wedding tent a particularly fine and well-groomed look. They are suitable both at the reception and during the wedding ceremony or to shelter the buffet and guests. And later in the evening? With our dimmable LED lights, you can keep the tasteful atmosphere going well into the night.

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Play it safe and

Purchase your ceremony gazebo

Are you looking to purchase a wedding tent to shelter you from UV rays or rain while creating an incredible atmosphere? Then you’re in the right place. Our wedding tents win the hearts of top wedding planners because of their value for money, their charming design and their safety and reliability. Of course, they are 100% waterproof, provide 50+ UV protection and withstand strong winds. For your perfect day. What are you waiting for? Say ‘yes’ to Ecotent®.

Classical or eye-catching?

The gazebo colour that matches your wedding theme

Classical white, sophisticated ecru or captivating burgundy. You can choose from our wide range of 15 standard colours available for your wedding tent. Do you have a specific colour palette for your wedding? We have a solution for that, too! Thanks to sublimation printing, we can print the entire surface of your gazebo with the colour of your choice!

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perfect for every occasion

The ideal garden wedding tent

The location is fixed and you’ve chosen the right pop up gazebos to complement it. But how should they be used?

These shelters are so versatile that the possibilities for using them are endless. They set up in no time, can be moved easily from one location to another, and are extremely stable and 100% waterproof and provide reliable UV protection. Perfect for saying ‘I do’ outdoors. Here are some of the most popular uses for wedding tents:

  • During the ceremony: many people use a beautifully decorated gazebo that serves as both a shelter and a perfect setting for the most important moment of all. Should the weather be adverse, simpler, larger shelters for guests can be set up in no time.
  • For guests at the reception: for a second ‘wow’ factor. A gazebo can serve as a shelter for gifts. Depending on the number of guests and the arrangement of the tables, you can choose to cover each individual table, for example with a 3x3 m or 4x4 m gazebo, create long rows of gazebos using our modular construction system or, using the same system, create one large covered area which can also include space for the dance floor or any entertainers during and after dinner.
  • For the reception: whether it is a buffet or a fully catered reception, it is important to ensure that the caterer has an area to prepare dishes and drinks in comfort as well as a rest area given the long shifts required during ceremonies. Good working conditions for the caterer will ensure a flawless service! Of course, a gazebo will also be needed for sheltering food and beverages for pre-dinner drinks, buffet or cake and candy stands.
  • For the cutting of the cake: very often, the beautifully decorated gazebo used during the ceremony is reused by changing its location for the cutting of the cake. This is a magical moment that deserves the best photos to cherish.
  • As a photo booth: gazebos with sidewalls which can be printed as desired are ideal as photo booths for guests. We have seen these used in combination with a confetti shooter: the photo result was great and the guests had a lot of fun.
  • Late night bar: when the service is over and the caterer has left, you can keep a small bar open to serve drinks and nibbles. Simply accessorise the gazebo with lights, a half height sidewall and a wooden counter
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Gazebos of all sizes for wedding couples

What’s the perfect size for a wedding tent? It’s hard to say because it varies depending on the location, number of guests and type of ceremony. Whether it’s a gazebo for the reception, to shelter the bride and groom during the ceremony, or for catering, we have the right size for you.

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Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour orange.
8x4 m
Folding gazebo 6x4 m in the colour red.
6x4 m
Folding gazebo 4.5x3 m in the colour dark blue.
4.5x3 m
Folding gazebo 6x3 m in the colour yellow.
6x3 m
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour bordeaux.
3x3 m
Folding gazebo 4x2 m in the colour light blue.
4x2 m
Folding gazebo 3x2 m in the colour black.
3x2 m
Folding gazebo 3x1.5 m in the colour light grey
3x1.5 m
Folding gazebo 2x2 m in the colour white.
2x2 m
Folding gazebo 1.5x1.5 m in the colour ecru.
1.5x1.5 m
ein Zelt für die ewigkeit

Wedding tent purchase vs. rental

Renting a wedding tent? At first this appears simple, quick and low-cost. The pop up gazebo is brought to the desired location by the rental company, set up and collected the next day. However, what may seem like a good solution at first often turns out to be a mistake. A pop up gazebo in the desired colour and with an elegant set-up? Probably no problem. Top quality and in perfect condition? Not always guaranteed, and who wants to get married under a dirty folding marquee? Or, worse still, a damaged one? That’s why it’s worth considering purchasing one. The main advantage is obvious: you’ll have a brand-new pop up gazebo, personalised exactly the way you want it, without having to compromise. And after the wedding? You’ll have a fantastic pop up gazebo, perfect as a garden tent, party tent or holiday home gazebo to use for years to come with your better half. And if you’re really that short of space, you can always resell it!

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1, 2 or 3?

Three high-quality series for your special day

Depending on the duration and frequency of use, we offer three different series of tent frames, all featuring our signature quality, for all budgets. You can choose which of our three series best suits you and your project.

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Sold directly by the manufacturer

Gazebos for high-quality receptions

Manufacturing experience and expertise meet dynamic and fresh ideas. Always living up to our customers’ expectations and ready to exceed them. The finest European quality at competitive prices. We look forward to accompanying you down the aisle with an Ecotent® to protect you on the Big Day of your dreams.

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